Monday, August 21, 2006

Pete at "Stop Pombo" Rally

Pete will be in Stockton this Friday (Aug 25) for a rally to highlight Richard Pombo's inadequacies (this could be a week-long event), organized by the Tri-Valley Democrats. Here are the details:

Join fellow anti-Pombo Activist for some Street Theatre and Media Grabbing Activities near the fundraiser. DETAILS We invite you to join us with signs, costumes and entertainment. Bring the message to the media that we have to get rid of Pombo. To do that we have to be news worthy and entertaining. Here are some reasons to get rid of Pombo and some food for thought:

+ Democracy Not Empire- Pombo is in lockstep with Bush, they and the rest of the neo-cons want to colonize, corporatize, privatize, enslave and plunder the planet, they must be stopped. Taking back the house and investigating these criminals is the first step.

+ Bush's Environment Hitman - Pombo is the point man on rolling back Environmental Protection laws. Drilling off shore & in ANWR. Privatizing public lands and selling our national parks. Gutting the Endangered Species Act.

+ Corporate Front Man - When corporations need a congressman to do their bidding, they can rely on Pombo. Chevron did when they under bid the Chinese for Unocal.

+ Misuse of taxpayer funds - RV tour of national parks- Flyers touting Bush to Wyoming snowmobilers before the 2004 election paid for with tax dollars - Giving his staff weeks off with pay to run his campaign.

+ Asking FEMA not to publish a report on the safety of the delta levees, to protect his developer supporters, and to hide the danger from home owners and potential home buyers.

+ While supporting Bush's war, he voted to shortchange soldiers and their families. He was against extending regular military medical benefits to the families of National Guard serving in combat. He opposed prosthesis research that would benefit those injured in combat.

+ He skirted investigation by the house ethics committee because of the Republican majority.

Participants are encouraged to contact the media and invite them. Send them pictures of you in your costume. Bring your digital camera and email photos to the media for publication. Be ready with a press blurb - 27 words, 9 seconds, 3 ideas just enough to get you on the evening news. Here is a list of local media.

Costume ideas:
+ Endangered species - condor, polar bear, fish
+ Abramoff with a suitcase full of money
+ Snorkel and fins - levee danger
+ Surfers protest probable oil spills - bring your surf board
+ Caught Red Handed Foam Rubber Hands & Signs will be provided
see photos


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